Why Music?

Why does TD care so much about music? Well, it’s simple. Music is universally relevant. It knows no boundaries. It unites us by transcending language, gender, ethnicity or religion.

That’s why we strive to create opportunities for people and communities to come together over music.

Since 2003, we have helped countless Canadians experience the power of music by sponsoring over 80 music festivals and 100 community music programs across Canada. Just last year, over 5.7 million people were brought together through music events sponsored by TD. We are supporting initiatives and programs that help young emerging artists facing barriers to break into the music industry, including Honey Jam that empowers young female artists through education, mentoring and performance opportunities, and The Remix Project that helps level the playing field for young people from marginalized and underserved communities. Plus, we are a very proud supporter of prominent Canadian music award shows, such as the JUNOS, the Canadian Country Music Awards, and the East Coast Music Awards.

From national to local stages, from coast to coast, our goal is to connect people from different backgrounds so they can learn from one another, laugh with one another and grow together.

By investing in music, we’re investing in more connected, confident communities and ultimately, a better, more inclusive tomorrow.
Why Music?