Why Music
Since 2003, TD Bank has supported the creation and performance of music across Canada. We’re extremely proud to be involved in music from coast-to-coast, but pride isn’t why we do it.


TD-Newmarket Music FestivalTD-Newmarket Music Festival

Aug 25

TD-Newmarket Music Festival

TD-Newmarket Music Festival is a vibrant 3-day cultural celebration offering music on multiple stages including Pop, Jazz, Motown, Blues, R & B, Big Band, Funk, Latin...and more! Art Exhibitions; dance, food vendors, characters, face-painters, water balls, music workshops, and beer/wine. Our Creative Zone inside Lions Halls offers entertainment, snacks, beverages and family activities.

TU Jazz Fest 2017TU Jazz Fest 2017

Sep 7

TU Jazz Fest 2017

TU Jazz Fest headlines today's greatest young and JUNO Award-winning artists with "Jazz in the Now”!

Festival of Colours Festival of Colours

Sep 10

Festival of Colours

Join us in a free-for-all festival of colours, where participants play, chase and colour each other with dry powder. Interactive Dance, Live Kirtan Bands, DJ's, Yoga, Cuisine, Colors, Free Hugs.... Lots of Fun