The Spotlight Sessions: Jake Vance “The Poet”The Spotlight Sessions: Jake Vance “The Poet”
The Spotlight Sessions:
Jake Vance "The Poet"

The Spotlight Sessions:
Jake Vance "The Poet"

The Spotlight Sessions: 
Jake Vance "The Poet"
Published September 29th, 2016

Jake Vance is a singer-songwriter raised in small town Southern Alberta, and now based in Calgary. At just 20-years-old, the gifted artist shows incredible promise. He plays piano, guitar, bass and mandolin, writes all of his own material, and has already been a top contestant in multiple songwriting competitions.

Influenced by a wide variety of folk music, as well as classic and modern rock, Jake creates original roots-rock that is inspired both by musical and literary greats. His 2015 debut EP, White Elephant, charted on several Canadian campus-community radio stations while this year’s Eden EP, and its lead single “The Poet,” have opened numerous new doors for the young performer.

Jake is an artist who constantly works to develop his skills. Raised in a musical family, he has devoted himself to learning not only a number of instruments, but also skills. Vance spent two summers taking courses in music production, songwriting, vocals, piano and guitar with top instructors in the U.K. He’s also attended several songwriting courses and workshops in Calgary, and recently completed the Artist Entrepreneur Program, offered by Canada’s Music Incubator and supported by TD.

Watch the video above to see Jake perform “The Poet” at CMI, and read on to find out what the song means to him, and much more.

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Tell us a little about the community you grew up in; how did it impact the music you make?
“I grew up in a town called Black Diamond. It’s a beautiful small town in the foothills of Alberta, with lots of eccentric locals. The first time I ever performed in front of people was at the local coffee shop’s open mic night. I’ve always had support from my community, and I think that’s something every young artist needs.”

What role does music play in your family?
“Everyone in my family has an incredible love for music, and my father has been a musician his whole life. I started playing music because I wanted to be like my dad. I would never have become a musician without my family showing me what good music is.”

Please tell us about “The Poet.”
“’The Poet’ is one of my favourite songs that I’ve written. It’s the first song I wrote for my Eden EP and I think it’s been a stepping stone in my songwriting because it was also the first song where I focused on making lyrics the centerpiece. For the first time, I wrote the instrumentation and melody around the lyrics instead of writing lyrics around an already chosen melody.”

Why is music the main medium you express yourself in?
I think music is the only medium that I can express myself in. Creating sounds that help tell a story has always been a great joy of mine. In the future, I hope to continue to write, and eventually release a full album.”

You’re constantly educating yourself as a musician; what are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned so far?
“The most important lesson I’ve been taught is that an artist can sometimes get caught up in the business, promotion and exploitation of their art. But, at the end of the day, all that really matters is the music.”

Photos by Shaun Robinson