Eh440 ON: Why A Cappella is More Fun

Published April 22nd 2015


When people put their voices and ideas together, anything can happen.

Fresh, funky a cappella fivesome Eh440 - Mike Celia, Janet Turner, Stacey Kay, Joe Oliva, and Luke Stapleton a.k.a. Human Record - started harmonizing together in 2012, and have since wowed audiences across North America with the range of their voices.

This is no barbershop quintet. Eh440 is a completely contemporary take on a cappella, one where a beatboxer and a bass singer provide the beats and rhythms while three lead vocalists rap, rhyme, and sing together in layers of perfect pop harmony. Eh440 also happens to be a whole lot of fun.

So why do a cappella artists have more fun? Watch the video above as Eh440 breaks it down.