Rebel Coast ON: Making a Difference Through Music

Published on April 14th 2015


Bravery comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s about standing your ground. Other times, it’s helping others.

When the five guys in Rebel Coast - Kyle McVea, Curtis Smith, Ryan Hawken, Angelo Moretti, and Amer Dhaliwal – came together in 2014, after winning YTV’s The Next Star: SuperGroup singing competition, they suddenly became role models.

Not only do they all have amazing voices and play a variety of instruments, the band members also care to make a difference in people’s lives with the music they make. Take “We Are the Brave,” an early single with huge hooks and lyrics that speak about overcoming your fears. When Rebel Coast joined motivational speaker Saidat on an anti-bullying tour of schools last year, they saw first-hand the impact that spreading those positive messages of self-empowerment can have.

Watch the video above to hear Rebel Coast talk about their own experiences of being bullied, and why it’s important to them to speak out.