Meaghan Smith ON: Being True to Yourself

Published on March 12th 2015

It’s not always easy to trust your own instinct. Before setting out to create her sophomore album, Halifax-based musician Meaghan Smith first turned inward to set a course.

It had been five years since Meaghan recorded her breakthrough album The Cricket's Orchestra, which earned her Best New Artist honours at the 2011 JUNO Awards. She had changed as a person and as an artist. She wanted to move away from her trademark modern vintage sound to embrace lush pop music, complete with big choruses and polished production. But would her fans accept the change? Would the music industry?

TD recently brought you the premiere of Meaghan’s video for “Mirror,” the new single from powerful pop album Have a Heart, recorded as a result of Smith’s taking those bold creative strides. The deeply personal song reminds us all to stay true to ourselves, a topic Meaghan speaks eloquently to in the video above.

Watch the video to see behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the “Mirror” video, and be sure to catch Meaghan Smith as she tours much of Canada this May!