Busty and the Bass: For the Win!

Published February 13, 2015

Just who is Busty and the Bass? The winners of the 2014 Rock Your Campus search are nine McGill students, all from the Jazz Performance program, brought together in 2011 through a shared love of funk. They’ve come to be good friends who live and play together. Winning the contest has been a major bonus.

“It was validation to us, and our moms, that there was a glimmer of a chance our music careers might be fruitful,” offers Busty bassist Milo Johnson. “Since the competition, we've also seen a huge jump in attendance at our shows, and the title of 'Canada's Best University Band' has definitely gotten our foot in a bunch of new doors.”

Busty and the Bass has been extra busy since opening for Arkells in late November, as part of the contest win. Since then, they’ve recorded new single “The Right Kind” (we featured a live version on TD Music last December), and have written material for a new EP to be recorded in March and released this spring.

There are also live dates booked in Toronto, Hamilton and London this weekend (February 13 – 15) as Busty and the Bass tours with Toronto’s KC Roberts and the Live Revolution, followed soon after by five Busty U.S. dates.

 Check the video above to see where the guys rehearse, and discover just how they got so tight so fast.