Music Monday: Connor Ross Performs "We Are One."

Published on January 29, 2015

"It's what the nation needs to know"-- poignant lyrics from "We are One", the 2015 Music Monday anthem penned by talented 16-year-old singer/songwriter Connor Ross. In a song that captures Canada's cultural mosaic, "We Are One" illuminates the purpose of this annual artistic celebration; providing an anthem that is sure to inspire Canadians of all ages to unite in recognition and celebration of the vital role music plays in our culture, our communities and in our schools. 

The 2015 anthem features a wide variety of musical arrangements and lyrical translations, enabling Canadians of various cultural backgrounds to sing the song in unison in the language that resonates with their musical soul. Organizers encourage registration from schools, community groups, arts and business organizations, as well as individuals to join them for this annual display of Canadian solidarity through music. 

With "We Are One", Bolton, Ontario's Connor Ross will join the ranks of several other singers and personalities as a composer of the Music Monday anthem. Connor's composition was selected out of 200 submissions for the Music Monday Anthem Search by a panel of music industry professionals, music educators and previous Music Monday songwriters. 

"Congratulations to Connor for this special recognition - and helping to bring communities together to share the love of music," said Alan Convery, Director, Community Relations TD Bank Group. "We're honoured to be a part of this celebration, as TD has a long-standing commitment to supporting access to music and the arts, including a strong focus on musical education."