Theo Tams ON: Gay Is Okay

Published on January 26, 2015


It’s not always easy to be who you are. For pop singer, pianist and songwriter Theo Tams, it was a challenge to grow up gay in the conservative small town of Coaldale, Alberta.


Tams didn’t let it hold him back. He studied classical music, opera and psychology, and, luckily for his fans, learned to write incredible love songs and belt out powerful ballads. These last skills came in handy during 2008, when he was a Canadian Idol contestant. Not only did Tams win, he also came out on national television.


Now with a number of recordings under his belt, including the Back Pocket EP released via Slaight Music/Warner Music Canada, Theo continues to grow as an artist and advocate.


Tams spoke to TD Music about why it’s important to him to live honestly and openly. Watch the video above to hear how people have responded.