Stacey Kay ON: Body Image

Published on January 14, 2015

Need a boost in your day? Spend one minute with Stacey Kay, and you’ll be sporting a grin. The singer, actor and improv artist is as inspiring as her songs are infectious.

It’s little wonder that Kay’s brand of exuberant, soulful pop – combining powerhouse vocals, huge hooks, and heartwarming humour - is winning her legions of fans. What’s extra amazing is that Stacey also moonlights as a motivational speaker who talks with students about issues like body image.

Whether it’s in the music video for Stacey’s single “Island Girl” or the recent cover song that’s earned Kay an impressive number of views, she exudes confidence and easy charm. But it wasn’t always so, and TD Music got the inside scoop.

Watch the video above to find out the one thing Stacey really wishes she knew while growing up.