Since 2003, TD Bank has supported the creation and performance of music across Canada. We’re extremely proud to be involved in music from coast-to-coast, but pride isn’t why we do it. So - why music?

It’s simple: music enriches lives. By investing in music, we’re investing to make our world a better, brighter place.

Music accompanies us throughout life, from our most exhilarating moments to our greatest challenges. Babies and toddlers naturally respond to music. Our teenage years revolve around it. Weddings, family gatherings, new homes, break ups and first dates alike – none of these milestones would be the same without music.

Learning to play music can also be one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s an education in creativity, collaboration and focus, and helps to build confidence.  That's why in 2013, TD partnered with the MusiCounts organization, to create opportunities for youth in underserved communities across Canada to have access to musical instruments and equipment. The MusiCounts TD Community Music Grants award $525,000 annually to diverse community non-profit organizations who offer dynamic music programs. 

Just as music can transform a single life, it also connects people and creates communities, including at the 90 concerts and festivals TD supports every year. People from all walks of life come together to enjoy dozens of community concerts, festivals and events that TD is pleased to sponsor. From the likes of Toronto’s Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture or Small World Music Festival to the Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, TD PEI Jazz and Blues Festival, TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival, the bi-annual Northern Scene festival, and so many more, TD is involved to help foster and build healthy music communities. 

Music is a long-term, wholehearted investment for TD and one that we have grown year-after-year. 

So, why music? Because we know a sound investment when we see one.