The $10,000 awarded to The Salvation Army through the MusiCounts TD Community Music Grant will impact three different Salvation Army locations and projects.

The Salvation Army Cedarbrae has run the “Joyful Noise” music program for children in Malvern, Kingston-Galloway and Scarborough Village since 2011. Currently there are almost 30 members, aged 5-12 years old. A portion of the Grant funds will be used to build on this success by launching a weekly after-school music program for another 25-30 children.

Since 2005, The Salvation Army in Scarborough Citadel has run the “Music for Kids” program for children from priority neighborhoods in south-central Scarborough. This year, there are 60 children involved in three leveled ensembles: Beginners’ Band; Step-Up Band; and Jr. Band. There is always a high demand from parents for the instrumental (brass) music program, and a portion of the Grant funds will be dedicated to the purchase of additional brass instruments.

The “Jr. Worship Team” at The Salvation Army’s 614 Regent Park location has been run for three years by volunteer musicians and youth mentors. Realizing that music has the power to express feelings, foster positive self-esteem, and bring people together, at-risk children and youth in the Regent Park community are offered an opportunity to learn a musical instrument and be part of a band. This year, the program has been expanded to create a second band, and a portion of the Grant funds will be used to purchase guitars and digital pianos.

Congratulations to The Salvation Army!