Founded in 1997, the Edmonton, AB based iHuman Youth Society is a non-profit organization that engages traumatized youth who exhibit high-risk lifestyles. The society influences youth to foster positive personal development and social change through the implementation of innovative arts-based programming, functioning as a positive engagement tool. The program seeks to re-integrate youth into the community by developing skills, self-esteem and a sense of worth and ability through arts mentorship, crisis intervention and targeted programming. With 500 registered participants, iHuman serves youth from every demographic and socio-economic group; aboriginal youth making up a significant portion of those enrolled.

Central to iHuman’s arts engagement programming has been a music studio comprised of youth made beats, written lyrics and original compositions which speak to the rawness of life on the streets. The music studio has been in operation for approximately 10 years, serving as the basis for a powerful wisdom in the stories woven into the music composition over the years. The program also includes one-on-one professional music instruction ranging from music lessons to CD production. Led by experienced and enthusiastic staff, this liberating program gives Edmonton youth the opportunity to express themselves, find their own identity, and have full creative power of their sonic visions.

With the $17,000 awarded through the MusiCounts TD Community Music Grant, iHuman plans to purchase drum kits, turntables and mixers, guitars and other studio equipment to further develop their music studio, enhancing opportunities for at risk youth to learn about music while sharing their personal stories.

Congratulations to iHuman Youth Services!