Head & Hands, a Montreal based organization, aims to work with youth to promote their physical and mental well-being through various outlets, including expression through music. Their approach to the maintenance of both mental and physical well being is preventative, non-judgmental and holistic, with a fundamental commitment to providing an environment that welcomes youth without discrimination. The program at Head & Hands aims to help facilitate social change and the empowerment of youth based on their current needs within their community and society at large. Their youth drop-in center (J2K) connects youth to community resources and provides a variety of activities for adolescents aged 12-17.

With the $16,000 awarded to Head & Hands through the MusiCounts TD Community Music Grant, Head & Hands plans to expand the capacity of their emerging music studio, their Musikaddict workshops, and their youth-led showcases by purchasing a variety of much-needed music equipment, including keyboards, guitars, drums, banjos and more. Enriching the music program at J2K will not only allow for an increase in program capacity for the youth, but it will also expand the quantity and quality of community partnerships and school outreach efforts.

Congratulations to Head & Hands!